Yes, Virginia, There Is Life After Parkinson’s

Dear Friends,

I just looked back on my last blog post; it was seven months ago. Since that time so much has transpired for all of us. Personally, I’ve been to the East Coast and Europe for Qigong/Parkinson’s presentations, celebrated another birthday, survived the US presidential elections debacle, and supported the Standing Rock protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

No, I didn’t physically attend at Standing Rock, but took part in many other activist deeds to support the water protectors. My continuing qigong practice has awakened me even further to the connectedness of all, and to my responsibility to my brothers and sisters and the planet. Also, teaching eighth-grade American History for many years had raised my consciousness to the plight of the Native American, ironically as curriculum mandates were squeezing out the the early history of our nation. That didn’t happen in my classroom. We began each academic year by reading “Ishi: The Last of the Yahi.” So Standing Rock has more than my interest and attention. It has my heart.

Just as I planned to begin writing this piece this afternoon, the news broke that the Army Corps of Engineers agreed that the proposed route for the pipeline, a.k.a. black snake, was not safe. Hence access was refused at Standing Rock. Not so coincidentally, this morning there was a worldwide prayer for the protection of the water and the sacred North Dakota grounds. So I’m currently fired up on the power of individuals coming together in prayer, meditation, and action. The macrocosm is reflecting the microcosm. The universal chi field demonstrates what happens or can happen each time we practice qigong individually or in a group.

As I surf the chi wave, I am grateful for the opportunity to travel and work with groups in the US and overseas. In June I met with the Zhineng qigong group at the Edgar Cayce Center in New York City. What a rich and dedicated practice they share. In Amsterdam I was amazed by the readiness of the group to participate in sound healing practice – no shrinking violets there, and they sounded great! In Maynooth, outside of Dublin, I met with a warm and charming assemblage of people, many experiencing their first qigong practice. They, too, were enthusiastic and engaged – what was supposed to be a 2-3 hour seminar went on for almost four hours, and could have continued indefinitely.

So my thanks to all who invited, hosted, participated, practiced. May you and your practice continue to flourish. As a personal footnote, I was fortunate enough to have friends or family at each destination point, and was further  blessed to form some new and wonderful associations. Qigong does indeed open the heart.

My practice has also taught me to let go more, be less rigid. What I’m working up to here is that I missed one of my self-imposed deadlines: My second book, “Make Time to Heal” is not yet out in print. It will be, and I am beginning to share excerpts. The first excerpt will be shared next Sunday, December 11, at 7 am Eastern Time, when I’ll have the honor of once again working with Maarten van Opstal’s class in Belgium, 4 pm there.

You can participate online by following one of the link options below:

Meeting start time: 10am New York EST, 7am California PST

Meeting will last 1.5 hours!


This meeting is already done and not available.

I will also be sharing my story, leading a sound healing practice, answering questions and sharing about the work I am doing to help others heal. Looking forward to meeting or re-visiting with a number of you this Sunday.

And since December is already upon us, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a peaceful and bright holiday season.

Chi blessings,


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