Mettamorphix Students Share Feedback:

“Your patience and professionalism, combined with your acute sensitivity to my progress — successes and occasional setbacks — made my introduction to QiGong thorough and productive….Thanks for your efforts on my behalf. How can I say that? Because so many elements of the practice show-up consistently in my daily activities, actions and thoughts.” 

Richard K, Mettamorphix student

“I am a different person now than I was 10 months ago when I began working with Bianca Molle.

Though our health challenges are different…Bianca understood my situation. She had walked a similar path and I was inspired by her success. She helped me design an daily QiGong practice that enabled me to heal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual…  It has been many months since I have had a panic attack or acid reflux…I sleep soundly for 7-8 hours every night… And best of all I know exactly what to do now if I begin to feel stressed. Bianca has given me a “toolbox” filled with tools to connect, open, and get stagnant chi flowing freely again.”

Karen R, Mettamorphix student

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in April of 2020. I started doing Wisdom Healing QiGong in July of that year and began coaching sessions with Bianca the following month. QiGong is not necessarily easy or a quick fix, but I found it to be calming and restorative…I sleep well, I have regained some sense of smell, I walked 3 miles on a paved trail last week, and my ability to concentrate and focus have improved. 

Bianca has assisted me on this journey by helping me learn to do the practice correctly and offering adaptive postures when necessary, for telling me repeatedly to not berate myself or my body, for encouraging me when I have doubts, and emailing me valuable resources. I still have some Parkinson’s-related symptoms, but they do not control my life. I am grateful to have discovered QiGong and Bianca.

Barb J, Mettamorphix student

I had heard about Bianca as someone who had healed herself from Parkinson’s and I was always in awe of this. To have the opportunity to work with her was very special. Bianca demonstrated QiGong clearly and to my understanding and helped me form a daily practice. I remember celebrating when I walked up a set of steep steps, albeit slowly and feeling weighted down. I am doing 3X a week high intensity trainings now. Thank you Bianca! 

Bianca is the real thing and I always felt lucky to work with her. The strides I made with her against brain inflammation and neurological issues were not strides I knew I could take. Thank you, Bianca for a new lease on life!

Caroline S, Mettamorphix student

“Each day I find new ways to be grateful for how Parkinson’s is a great teacher to me to learn the things that matter.”  — Bianca

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