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Dear Friends,

For many years I denied the existence of stress in my life. Now I look back and ask myself why I did this. The fact of the matter is I didn’t know any better. I didn’t have the tools or resources necessary to reduce stress, so addressing it would have been one more item on my exponentially growing and anxiety-producing to-do list. Back then, when complemented on my radiant skin, and asked what I “used” to get that glow, my wise-guy response was always: “Stress.” At that time in my personal evolution I was still going with the party line: If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Another part of that old belief system was that one could only rest or take a break when everything on the to-do list was completed. Since these lists always flirted with infinity, the odds of earning any respite were negligible.

I now view said to-do list as non-linear; one day flows to the next; I take breaks when I feel the need, and seem to be increasingly productive. I am also beginning to learn to ask for help once in a while. Fierce independence, when coupled with perfectionism, is not the most winning combination. Taking on new challenges is fine, but only if one allows oneself a learning curve and the necessary assistance. Otherwise extreme anxiety and likelihood of failure are a predictable outcome.

Another method I now employ that may help dial down the adrenaline and encourage dopamine is to be mindful in advance of the fact that I may need support, and to have that support in place before things reach crisis level. Currently, for me, that means more regular contact with my IT person, Isaiah. Now I alert him before I start a project, not when I’m in tech meltdown mode. When I first began my blog, website, presence on the internet, I carried along with me the old sick thinking that I had to do it ALL myself. Raise your hand if you can relate to what I’m saying. I’m sure you can see yourself in similar situations.

I’m so grateful to meditation/qigong for this new awareness which is increasing the joy and harmony in my life. I’m also grateful to the wonderful beings I work with, who respectively, through introspection, have all seen these themes emerge as they progress in their recovery. Giving oneself time and space cannot be overestimated, especially when working on upgrading one’s health. Retreats are a wonderful way to do that. A retreat in Hawaii in the middle of winter is a very kind and gracious way of self-giving. Imagine that, being gracious to oneself.

So I invite you, as this “Season of Giving” begins, to consider giving to yourself, whether that be something as small as spending five minutes a day to meditate, or joining me and Judith Lynne in Hawaii from 1/19-1/26. We will practice qigong daily, both on land and in the salt water pool. We will do sound healing with Judith and her awesome and beautifully trained wide-ranging  and operatic voice. We will visit sacred sights and make excursions to connect with the marine mammals. Meals will be gourmet,organic and with gluten-free and other options available. We are filling up, so please contact myself or Judith if you have any questions. Judith’s contact info is found on the flyer below. I’m still at: bianca1738@aol.com.

As Thanksgiving approaches I would like to express my gratitude to all of you, for continuing to provide me with purpose and inspiration. Haola! And perhaps, Aloha!!


3 thoughts on “Rx for Stress”

  1. Hi Bianca,
    Just wondering if you have any tips on dealing with fear from a qigong perspective? When dealing with chronic illness there can be a lot of fear involved – ie. worry of “what’s going to happen to me?” – that can sabotage positive healing thoughts. Any tips on overcoming that fear?
    Thank you.

    1. The body of qigong practice outlined in my book, Reboot and Rejoice, gives my regimen. So much of this work is integral and wholistic in approach – getting all the organs to work together in harmony is key. Sound healing practice does this beautifully,and one can spend extra time on the kideneys, the organs which can both contain and transform fearful feelings. Also positive affirmations about feeling safe and cared for, and empowered are helpful. Fear is the emotion that comes up the most and we work on the most in private sessions, so thanks for your question. I hope this helps.

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