Qigong Can Change Your Parkinson’s Journey

Hello Friends,

I’m writing to you because you are on my blog list and I’d like to reconnect with you after this long while, to continue to share my journey after healing from Parkinson’s. I continue with my daily dedicated Qigong practice and am thankful it helps me remain Parkinson’s-free and able to enjoy life again.

In my blog I will continue to share mind-body Qigong teachings and related research helpful for persons with Parkinson’s or other chronic conditions. If you’ve read recent findings, you’ve learned that PD is on the rise, worldwide, and there is research confirming the benefits of Qigong for Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions. I will share one article below.

Upcoming Qigong Global Summit

Exciting news! I hope you will join me for a free online event: The Qigong Global Summit 2021. Yes, I have been invited to speak at the upcoming Summit May 24-28, 2021 hosted by The Shift Network– it’s free, online and open to the public. I will send you the link and more information in my blog next week. I’m honored to be among over 35 leading Qigong teachers, masters, and doctors in this year’s event. Among those included are Master Mingtong Gu, Robert Peng, Daisy Lee, Master Helen Liang, Master Chunyi Lin, Master Montak Chia, and many others. Please mark your calendars so that you can attend.

If you want to check out the Summit today, here is the link. Simply RSVP and register for free at link at below (and at button at bottom of email):


Featured Qigong article

“Effects Of Health Qigong Exercises On Relieving Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease”  

Summary: “The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of Health Qigong on the treatment and releasing symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.” 


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Because it’s even more important during Covid, my blog continues to focus on learning new ways to stay healthy. I hope you will be continuing forward with this blog, but if you wish to be removed from this list, please click on the unsubscribe option below. 

Again, thank you for allowing me to visit your mailbox once more. I wish you the best, including a continuing successful practice.

May you keep well, happy, and fulfilled.

Chi blessings,


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