Can You Afford to Heal?

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First of all, I’d like to thank those of you who wrote in to wish me a fun weekend with my sons last week.  We had a great time being together, so much so that we will be road-tripping again, soon.  I understand that this time, my grandson, Alex, (almost 5) would like to join us.  My cup runneth over.

Now, about the magic #3.  I am often asked if I really practiced three or more hours a day for two years.  Yes, I did.  And I didn’t mind one bit.  I enjoyed it.  There was nothing more important to me than working on restoring my health.  Each time I practiced I could sense the qigong working, and along with that, increased calm.  On Tuesdays, when  Mingtong was holding group practice at Spirit Rock, I made myself unavailable to sub for the day, so that I could devote my time to WHQ. Yes, that meant turning down jobs and “losing” money.  Abundance comes in many forms, and the way I see it, health and energy trump money, because if you have the two former, the latter has potential to develop.  Also, as I proceed with this enlightening practice, it has brought me to a place of understanding that money itself is an energetic exchange, not outside the parameters of healing.  The path to recovery, like infinity, is limitless.  Fasten your seatbelts, I am about to drive you down some rocky road:

Here are some of the negatives I often hear from those who engage me in discussion about healing .  When referring to a retreat, healing weekend, purchasing materials, doing a consultation, receiving coaching, etc.,  the response is often :  “I can’t afford it.”  Sometimes they mean time, or money, or both. I understand that chronic illness can make one feel depleted of both time and financial resources. That was my experience,too- till I changed it.  I also have come to the opinion that many people with PD or other chronic illnesses are often most generous with others, but give very little to themselves.  My suggestion is always to “Treat yourself as though you are a beloved family member or friend.  Show yourself the same compassion.  What you would strive to do for them, do for yourself.”  It is not essential to be saint or martyr to heal. It is essential to love yourself.  Try this a little at a time so as not to shock yourself. But please, allow yourself the time, money, incentive, in whatever measure works comfortably. Baby steps. But try it, and note the results.

Here I must confess that this topic has been on my mind for quite some time, but the people-pleaser in me inhibited my venturing here.  It could appear to some that I am promoting myself or my products. (I should note here that I have no financial ties to Chi Center products or events.)  What I am promoting is self-healing, and can only do this from an authentic point of view.  The body-mind connection is so intricate and complex.  Yet, so much of it is about self-love.  I have a relative who used to pilot emergency helicopter missions.  He described sometimes going on calls where someone had fallen over a cliff and was injured and on a ledge.  He had to decide if he could land without endangering the lives of the medical crew on board.  Sometimes that was not possible, and triage meant leaving the injured party on the ledge, with the hope that another way of rescue would be found.  I understand how he felt when I have someone tell me they don’t have the time for much daily practice, or they can’t afford  materials, events* or support.  It is not my job to convince them otherwise. That must come from within, as a part of healing.  I must leave them and move on to those who are more ready.  And being ready is merely one creative decision away.  As I have stated before,  I believe my energetic shift began the very  first time I practiced Wisdom Healing Qigong, when I decided I would attend the China retreat.  Till that point in time, I viewed myself depleted in so many areas:  health, energy, finances.  I knew I was in “big” trouble, and felt I needed to do something “big,” perhaps go against my own grain, to start to turn things around.  Also, I accepted the fact that perhaps nothing would change, but at least I could know I tried my best.

I realize that what I have written here does not apply to everyone, and certainly does not apply to anyone all the time.  I know it is also within the realm of possibility that some may find this posting unnecessary or annoying. To those I apologize and offer the “delete” button.  But this “lecture’ is as much for me as for everyone else. There are times when I need to remind myself of the wisdom and courage I somehow tapped into almost four years ago when I began my healing journey.  We all do the best we think we can for ourselves; it’s just that sometimes we need to look at our standards. Is the best for me the same as what I would do for a loved one?   If not, why not?

* Did you knowThe Chi Center offers partial scholarships to retreats?


Also, please remember to tune into Sunday Connections tomorrow, Sunday, May 5th, at 2 pm.  I will be interviewing local qigong healer and teacher, Daniella Carraro.  Dani has studied with Mingtong as well as  with many masters in China, including those who practiced at the Medicine Free Hospital there.  Among her connections and teachers in China were my two loving angels, Teacher Ma and Teacher Zhao. Dani’s happy chi always reminds me of them.  She will be available for questions and plans to do a long-distance group healing for us.  Hope you will join us.  If you cannot be present at the live broadcast, please feel free to email me your questions in advance:

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The DVD of my  Santa Fe presentation will soon be available via my website as well.  I am working on a package that will include my book, dvd, and a 45-minute consultation at a reduced rate. I am also looking at Paypal’s offering of installment payments for any purchase over $100.  I really want to practice what  I preach and make offerings do-able any number of ways.  I especially want to encourage those who have not yet started, or those who may feel a bit stuck and would like a recovery jumpstart.

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  1. It was important for me to read this article. As an immigrant, we learned to be careful and wise with time and money since we lost a lot of both trusting unreliable sources. It is good to take the time to investigate and we are lucky enough to live in your community and get validation from everyone and every way we turn to about your person, your work, your intentions.
    Thank you Bianca..

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