Catching Up

Dear Friends,

My recovery from Parkinson’s has brought about a re-introduction to my authentic
self, and an abundance of opportunities to express that self, especially in the
last year. I have been writing (Reboot and Rejoice), public speaking,
consulting, coaching, blogging, teaching in the public schools, volunteering
(qigong for special ed.) practicing qigong daily, working out at the gym, and
sometimes managing time to enjoy family and friends. This is not a “brag list.”
I remember years ago listening to the wonderful pop psychologist, Dr. Leo
Buscaglia, as he discussed “human doings,” a term applied when we do not allow
ourselves to enjoy simply “being.” I love all the choices my recovery has
brought me, and currently feel like a kid in a candy shop, a good kid, but
perhaps a bit greedy. I never expected my life to take this surprising and
wonderful turn, but it did, and here I am.

There are new challenges brought about by renewed health. It is exciting to feel
the return of high energy, mental clarity, and creativity. And I want so much to
share my message so that others may join me in the experience. Thanks to
Lilou Mace of Juicy Living Tours, Dr. Robert Rodgers,
and Master Mingtong Gu,, many have. Now my challenge is to
practice what I preach about having down time, relaxing, fully appreciating the
moment. So I do apologize for not blogging more regularly, but make no promises
about returning to a weekly, or even regular, schedule. My guess is that in
time I will find a way to prioritize my activities. Currently they are all of
equally high value and interest to me, so it is difficult to set limits. I will
be slowing down however. Now that I’m a believer in the universe sending
messages, I must confess I received a few lately: a day without landline,
Internet cable or wifi. Somehow, the tv still worked! Maybe the message was to
chill out and watch the tube. Almost simultaneously, my trusty truck suffered
two flat tires. This is not a lament. I am grateful for these very minor
difficulties and wouldn’t trade them for the ones I used to experience. I’m just
sharing my current perception of this stage of life recovery. There is more to
learn, lots of room for growth. One beauty of healing energy is the infinite
expansion possible.

I invite you to share this energy and expansion with me in Hawaii from January
19th-26th. Another pleasant surprise from the chi field has been my collegial
and friendly connection with Judith Kahleani Lynne, who has been doing healing
work and creating retreats for many years. Judith is a vocal coach and spiritual
teacher who has arrested her own PD and proven false the statement that “no one
with PD can sing” (made by Linda Ronstadt who is newly diagnosed). Judith has
developed a vocal harmonics system which she uses herself and she has maintained
her potent and beautiful voice. Along with Judith sharing her harmonic healing methodology,
I will be leading daily qigong sessions with a focus on the practices I most used in my
healing from PD. Kaula Farm, on the Big Island, where we will be
staying, offers a salt water pool. Besides our daily terra firma practice,
qigong sessions in the pool will be offered. I have done this before and people
are delighted to find upgraded mobility and, therefore, ability, in the water.
Keeping arms outstretched is effortless. There will also be native specialists
visiting us and leading classes and sessions. Among them will be a hula
instructor- a wonderful way for additional hip rotation practice. We will be
visiting sacred sights and making sea excursions to interact with dolphins and
appreciate the whales. I know from my own experience that the self love
expressed by giving oneself a gift such as this healing adventure seems to begin a
huge energetic shift. We are planning to be a small group of about fourteen participants. The first four to sign up will receive a substantial discount from an already low rate.
Here’s the link if you’d like to learn more.

Tomorrow I will be hosting Sunday Connections at 2pm Pacific Time, and you are invited to call in/log on with questions and comments. In recent blogs I shared information about my experience with the Paleo and Omni eating plans. I am now exploring a “diet” created by Nan Lu, O.M.D.,M.S.,L.Ac.. Nan Lu’s book not only gives food suggestions, but explains how energy works in the organs, and provides qigong/taichi style exercises to assist in cleansing the digestive system. So please join me tomorrow at the link below. If you cannot be available for the live broadcast, send your questions in advance to:
Password: bianca2012

Thank you and Haola-
till next time, whenever that is,


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