Bianca Shares Teaching and Practice from Qigong Global Summit 2021

Hello Friends,

Autumn is here, a time to go inward and reflect. Recent world events have left us with many challenges to process, simultaneously as we also face personal health challenges. Yet the Qigong teaching is that both these scenarios give us an opportunity for practice and healing. So I would like to support your practice by sharing my recent presentation video at the Qigong Global Summit 2021 with you. You can now view this whole interview and demonstration by simply going to my website at, scroll down to the video, and click on it to watch.

In my presentation with the distinguished teacher, healer, and author Sharon Smith, we talk about:

  • how qigong can be beneficial for Parkinson’s
  • how to incorporate informal practice in our daily lives
  • how the practices can adjust for various levels of physical stamina and ability
  • how to use visualization to support practice, and more.

You will also find my demonstration of Phase One of the Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down Practice from Wisdom Healing Qigong, which I consider instrumental to my healing from Parkinson’s.

I hope you will take a look, and in so doing, find some inspiration and support. Let the healing work continue.

And a heads-up: I am delighted to have been invited to appear on Twitchy Woman, the online podcast that focuses on wellness approaches for women with Parkinson’s. On October 24th I will talk with the host and founder of Twitchy Woman, Sharon Krischer, and do a Qigong practice demonstration for her audience. It’s a free online event, and I will send you more information in my next blog.

Hope to “see” you soon, one way or another.

Chi blessings,


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