April Is the ________ Month.

Dear Friends,

This is both Autism Awareness Month and Parkinson’s Awareness month, a double-header in this family. To quote the poet TS Eliot: “April is the cruelest month.”  These words came to mind that day in April when I received my PD diagnosis.  I was about to retire from teaching in June, a departure brought about a bit early due to the pain and fatigue of what I had just discovered on that April 29th was Parkinson’s.  Not the retirement gift I had planned for myself.  My vision of life after teaching had included time with family, especially grandkids, volunteering, hiking, and travel.  I had purchased a truck a few years earlier, with the idea of hauling my bike to country backroads for little adventures. Then I began taking spills on the bike due to compromised balance.  Today, a number of years and thousands of hours of mindful qigong practice later, I still have the truck, but not the Parkinson’s.  I am eternally grateful for this development. I am also grateful for a number of lessons that presented themselves and that continue to appear as a result of this experience.

When I discovered qigong and became immediately aware that it was helping me, I didn’t set up a timeline for my recovery.  I just kept practicing and relished every baby step forward.  Also, now that I look back, there were times not only of increased tremor, but also of increased intensity of pain during the healing process.  Once in a while, when confusion appeared, I told myself I was recovering from energetic brain surgery.  I realize now, in retrospect, how much faith I must have had in the healing process, as once I gradually weaned off the medications, I was never tempted to return there for comfort despite what could have appeared to be setbacks.  Here again, I am grateful-  for my continued belief in the healing process, even when it was challenging.

People who have had near-death experiences usually describe the tunnel of light and feelings of peace and love. My experience of healing was more gradual, but it did involve feelings of love and appreciation, and, of course, the light energy of chi. The factor I have most in common with those who “returned from beyond ”  however, is the recognition of the lovliness of life in its most humble measures.  An article in the most recent issue of PREVENTION,  “Double Your Happiness”  by Sari Harrar,  recommends we go an a savoring adventure:  “It could be anything: a walk in the woods, a trip into a city, or cooking a meal you love.  Then do three things:  Beforehand, really anticipate how wonderful it will be. During the experience, focus on all the sensations and feelings you’re having.  Use all five senses. Be nonjudgmental. Express your emotions-to whomever you’re with or by writing them down later.  Afterward, look back on the event. Share it with someone. Turn it into a story. Reminiscing is another important part too.”

I am preparing to savor this weekend.  If you’re a regular reader, you know that every year I celebrate the anniversary of my diagnosis. This weekend I will be going on a roadtrip with my two sons, Aaron and Justin. The last time we had an adventure together, just we three, was our Hawaii vacation over ten years ago.  Since then Aaron has brought a wonderful wife and two healthy, beautiful grandchildren into the family mix.   And Justin has added so much maturity and acquired so many social and living skills.  This is certainly a time for savoring and celebration.

Were I able to clone myself, I would also make an appearance in SF at the NEW LIFE EXPO. Tomorrow is “Taichi and Qigong Day” and Mingtong Gu, Effie Mae Chow and many other skilled masters will be sharing their teachings and giving live demonstrations.  If you can’t attend in person , here is a link from Mingtong:  http: //www.chicenter.com/Chi/QiSummit/WTQD2013/LiveStream/index.cfm. If, for some reason, this link doesn’t appear as live when published, you may pick it up by going to The Chi Center website:  www.chicenter.com.

Now that I have planned your weekend and mine, it’s time to get packing.  Sending loving chi to all.

Also, please remember to tune into Sunday Connections next week at 2 pm on Sunday, May 5th. I will be interviewing local qigong healer and teacher, Daniella Carraro.  Dani has studied with Mingtong as well as  with many masters in China, including those who practiced at the Medicine Free Hospital there. Among her connections and teachers in China were my two loving angels, Teacher Ma and Teacher Zhao. Dani’s happy chi always reminds me of them. She will be available for questions and plans to do a long-distance group healing for us. Hope you will join us. Here is the link: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=40852758, password, Bianca 2012. If you cannot be available for the live broadcast, you are encouraged to send in your questions in advance.




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