About Mettamorphix

Mettamorphix is a coaching consultancy, offering one-to-one guidance to integrate Qigong into daily life, for people facing Parkinson’s Disease and chronic illness, who want to go beyond the traditional medical path. Our mind-body-heart has great capacity to support us through an illness.

Bianca knows about the brain fog and physical discomfort that happen, as well as the overwhelm of this medical diagnosis. Through coaching sessions, she meets with you online, one-to-one, and teach and practice the movements with you. These are the Qigong tools she discovered in her own healing journey.  

“Mettamorphix is a labor of the heart that grew from my own complete recovery from Parkinson’s Disease. I hope to speak with you soon, and encourage you to find a wellness path with more joy and life.”

Bianca Mollé is interviewed by Lilou Mace, host of Lilou’s Juicy Living Tour.

About Bianca Mollé

Author and Coach Bianca works with clients globally and leads workshops sharing her story to inspire a change in how we respond to a chronic illness diagnosis. She is the founder of Mettamorphix, meeting with clients online, one-to-one. 

Now symptom-free, Bianca attributes her own healing from Parkinson’s Disease to her daily Qigong practice. Bianca is the author of “Make Time to Heal” and “Reboot and Rejoice”, and writes a blog.  She has a Masters in Education and a teaching credential. She was a public school teacher for many years, and also taught special education for children to adults. 

Here are her own words about her health journey: 

“My free-moving body has been medication-free for several years now. When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Syndrome and prescribed medications, I realized I could no longer deny what was happening in my body. Even with medications, my symptoms worsened. Due to the tremors, pain and fatigue of PD, I retired from a long and cherished teaching career in 2008. My life was shrinking, contracting along with my body. I could no longer focus mentally. Gradually I saw myself abandoning activities I had previously enjoyed like yoga, biking, cooking, crafts. I was scared by the debilitation not just for myself, but because I am the sole provider for my son with autism.

Perhaps it was due to my years of seeking innovative solutions for my son, but I decided to look for solutions internationally that might benefit me.  No stranger to challenge, I attribute my discipline and innovation to being a parent of an autistic son and to being a credentialed teacher in both regular and special education for over 30 years.

I discovered an ancient practice of Qigong, called Wisdom Healing Qigong. I had to begin from the beginning. I did not know about this mind-body practice. I learned, I studied, I practiced. And a metamorphosis began, as I healed one day at a time. Everyday I still practice my Qigong. And I have expanded it to include a robust research program of Parkinson’s breakthroughs and an integrated wellness regimen. I share these discoveries with my clients.

Now each day I am grateful for my renewed health and wellness.  I am pleased to share my journey with those who care to follow along, and can currently report clients who are seeing improvements in their health and vitality.”

What is Wisdom Healing Qigong?

“Through my daily Wisdom Healing Qigong practice, I became and continue to be symptom-free. I do my practice everyday, because healing is a daily journey. I am grateful for this focus on renewing health and wellness in my life.”

Bianca with Master Mingtong Gu, founder of the Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong.

This form of Qigong is gentle, and can be done standing, sitting, laying down. This mind-body-heart practice includes meditation, movement, visualization to open new balance, focus, resilience and flexibility. Qigong shares similar energy teachings of yoga, but is a different language all together.

Wisdom Healing Qigong is well-suited to the chronic illness survivor, because this specific form of Qigong is very gentle, effective and meets you right where your ability is today. It was envisioned by its founder, Grandmaster Pang, at the Zhineng Center in China to be a part of an integrated wellness plan, and can be done in concert with traditional medicine.

Bianca studied extensively with Master Mingtong Gu of the Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong, who studied with Grandmaster Pang. She has been invited to be featured in several videos for the Chi Center to talk about her journey. Bianca speaks at retreats, workshops and conferences, sharing her experiences to inspire others.  

“Each day I find new ways to be grateful for how Parkinson’s is a great teacher to me to learn the things that matter. ”  Bianca

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